Endless collection launching spring 2021


Clothing crafted for our planet.

Violet Revolt is an ethically produced, cause driven, & sustainable eco-lifestyle fashion brand with complete sourcing & production transparency & a closed-loop lifecycle.  

We pride ourselves on creating products that are good for the planet and its inhabitants.


We are here to clothe the world with purpose by providing an alternative to the global fast-fashion catastrophe that is destroying the planet, harming people and hurting our world's creatures.


“I was tired of being an exhausted conscious consumer. So I decided to take action.”

It all started with my great-grandmother's sewing machine from the 70s.  I found it stored away in a spare room one day at age 20 while I was in college, and decided to do some tests.  I initially made prototypes from fabric I picked out  from a local JoAnn's and decided to do some research into more sustainable fibers.  

I was disturbed and distraught upon my research in finding the destruction the fashion industry has caused on our planet through its traditional methods and inputs.  So I was dedicated to finding a solution that checked all of the boxes: minimal to no harm to the planet or its inhabitants.  


Our core principals


Good for the planet

All of our products are crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton and natural dyes to lessen environmental impact and protect you from toxins.

Our sustainability promise


Good for the people

Each stage of our product journey is hand-made: from our hand-dyed fabrics to our pieces cut & sewn by a 4-person team in a cottage outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

Our ethics promise


Good for the animals

A portion of net proceeds are donated to wildlife conservation organizations around the world to protect the future of our planet's creatures.